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Oh hey. I'm Christa and I write this blog. Before we talk about how much I hate the word blog, let me tell you one or many things you should know about me...

I got married (more of  a planned elopement, really) after meeting my husband four months prior. It was not a shotgun wedding. Yes, we are still married.

Second, me and TP are parents to a wonderful kindergarten little man who is obsessed with all things football-related, sleeps on the top bunk, and started reading on his own over a year ago. His name is Thierry James, but you can call him T.J. He was born in August, 2010. You can do math.

We welcomed our second little BOJ (<--- that's Bundle of Joy for the unknowers out there, I basically abbrev everything) in August of 2012 (so to figure out how old she is take T.J.'s age and subtract 2...math!) and it was a baby with girl parts! Daughter to the the Queen of shiny hair and the weekly at-home french mani (yeah that's right, I do it myself - mad skills), she has officially inherited my Barbie collection (PLAY Barbie's only - I don't trust her yet with the stable of boxed-up Collector Edition Barbie's yet)...our little lady was basically destined to love all things ruffled, lacy, feathered and flowery. She already loves to sing, which is in her best interest, and we watch Pitch Perfect together at least once a week.

Two more little dudes joined the team in June, 2014 and December, 2015 to complete the fam, and I'm going to get one of these made for our car:


Next, I'm a working mom, but I'm nobody's heavy. My highest career aspiration is actually to be the co-CEO and Founder of Gator Marketing and Miracles with my #1 gal Mich - you'll see plenty of her, don't worry.

D - We cheer for Penn State in our house (that's actually the only sports team we agree on, the list of other teams is long and distinguished - I'll spare you). 

And some bonus Information: We don't have cable, we like strawberry cake with Funchip icing, and taking walks and going to farmer's markets are two favorite weekend activities. We also like turtles. And Britney Spears...Ok, that's just me. Read my memoirs to find out more about us, the Most Interesting Family in the World (memoirs actually = this blog, but I seriously seriously take issue with the word blog...it makes me think of a giant, farting, boogery, green slug).

A few musings I live by:

1. Without humor (and sarcasm) life would not be worth living

2. A day I do not learn something is a wasted day. This can include new knowledge on any topic - not just existential crap, or things about the world that matter, or stuff on the History channel. For example, on Tuesday I learned that the Mentos in Coke experiment really does work - you should try it. But maybe not in the kitchen at your work. Maybe more like a driveway or grassy area. Trust.

Whelp, we'll stop there because you've probably already stopped listening, and I'll say the rest with pictures. Eventually.

Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Christa,

    Randomly just saw your link on facebook and read this. I enjoyed! You look great. I like the things you live by. I find myself feeling the same things. Hope your pregnancy goes by swimmingly and have fun with all of the ruffles and lace.

    Blessings, Kate Drevlow


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