Holy Pregnant Christmas Ornament Batman!

Last night was Superhero Night at the ballpark, and oh what a night! I love, love, LOVE dress up nights, and was in costume as Batman's trusty sidekick Robin. It was a moderately hilarious evening, read on for the play-by-play and some snaps of the occasion...

So we got our costumes and my Robin outfit looked like it should fit a four-year-old. And no, I'm not just saying that because I've put on a few LB's recently, it really was, like, the "adult store" version of a Robin costume. I compensated by wearing black leggings and black long-sleeved Under Armour underneath, as I was not particularly interested in showing off the goodies to the thousands of families, children and inebriated individuals at John Thurman Field. The material of the costume was basically stretchy, colored foil, was ridiculously tight, and my hair was almost longer than the tiny little cape. Who can fly with a cape that small? I know, I know, Batman and Robin don't fly...but still. Then, I went to put on the mask for the costume, and, in staying with the "should fit a four-year-old" theme, it basically cut off the circulation to my face and was so tight my eyes wouldn't open...in short, hilarious looking, and I have a small head! So after a last-ditch effort to try and inconspicuously tape the mask to my face, I scrapped it. Let them know my identity. I made a pretty kick-ass superhero anyway.

I sang the National Anthem before the game and Tommy introduced me on the P.A. as "The very lovely and very pregnant, Robin." The baby kicked like craaaazy while I sang the Anthem, which was cool, and he went nutso with the ninja moves again later during the post-game fireworks. Overall the night was very fun, lots of strangers rubbed my belly and when I would get weird looks from people or if someone would ask, "are you pregnant?" I'd rub the buddah and say "noooo, I just eat the villains." Duh. One of our season ticket holders told me I looked like a pretty little Christmas ornament...uhhh...thank you? I think people were pretty surprised I dressed up in costume with my belly all akimbo - you can't say I'm not a good sport! I thought it was hilarious.

Check out some pics from the evening, and don't even think about judging me next to the PYT's on our promo staff with their tight little tummies :)

Robin, Supergirl and Batgirl...don't you love how the costume just kind of slopes to my belly, haha, it looks like a beer gut!
Robin, Supergirl, Batgirl

I think the belt really did a lot to cover the baby bump. Not.

Robin and Mrs. Incredible...Did you know the Incredibles real last name is Parr? Tommy wanted me to be Mrs. Incredible, but I refused unless he dressed up as my Mr., which he, in turn, refused. Sooo.... :)
Robin and Mrs. Incredible

Our crew minus Mrs. Incredible and Wonder Woman...they were apparently off fighting crime.
Group Pic at Guest Service

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