It’s Official, My Almost-Two-Year-Old is Smarter Than Me.

TJ is 23 months – you know what that means…

The Terrible Two’s

He has hit these stereotypical “personality milestones” early throughout his life, and the TT’s have been no exception. A couple of months ago he started screaming for no reason, throwing little tantrums and saying, “No” to pretty much everything, even things we knew he wanted.

The great thing about T is that he is a smart, smart boy and it’s been pretty easy to curb these behaviors with little frustration for me and Tom, and lots and lots of repetition for T. He responds well when Tom and I firmly tell him his behavior is inappropriate, explain why, and give him an example of an appropriate response. Tedious for us? You bet. But his outbursts are fewer and farther between every day, so the approach we’ve taken seems to be working with him.

Smarty-pants little boy, for sure.

I got a taste this morning of just how smart, though…and by that I mean, my child proved this morning that he is smarter than me.

I had just finished getting TJ dressed for the day and was telling him what we were getting ready to do…

Me: “We’re going to put on shoes, and then take mama to work in the white car. Can you please pick night-night and nook up off the floor and put them in your crib?”
T: “No?”
Me: “Thierry James, please pick up night-night and nook and put them in your crib.”
T: <In whiney crybaby drama voice> “Noooooo!”
Me: “That is an inappropriate reaction, I don’t want to hear the word ‘No’ from you anymore.”

I stupidly continued, here's where it gets good

Me: “What does mama say when you ask her to do something for you? I say ‘Let’s do it…Ok…I would love to’ and that’s what you need to say when I ask you to do something.”
T: <Gives me the side eye> “Mama wanna go to the zoo?....Mama no go to work, and go to the zoo with Thierry James? OK!...I would love to!
Me: <Dumbfounded…Staring...Oh. My. Lord.>

TJ proceeded to laugh and of course I joined him. I was actually in awe. What a little stinker! I mean, I painted myself into a corner with that one - but seriously?

He’s outsmarting me already? Winning the battle of wits?!

But I’m so witty!

It’s on, kid. It is so on.

I’ve said it a million times before, and I will say it a million times more…this parenting thing is going to be fun.

Devious little grin, if I've ever seen one.

Enjoy a Tempertastic Tuesday Friends!



  2. Oh it will be such fun as he continues to take after the smart-alec ways of his pop pop.


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