Really Face All-Star #2 - The NURSE on the Train

I don't really keep it a secret that I think the people in the city of Chicago are heinous for one main egregious act that takes place constantly...

No one gives up their seat on the train for the giant pregos!

The bus? Sure, sometimes. Bus riders are nicer.

But the train? Nevah.

Apparently it's perfectly socially acceptable amongst Chicagoans to not get off your duff and offer your seat to the giant 9 months pregnant girl that just walked on the train. I have never, not once, been offered a seat on the train. I am nine months preg here people, and I ride the train 3-5 times a week. That thing shimmies, lurches and shakes like crazy - it sucks!

You reached a new low today, though, Chicago.


I got on the train.

Stood directly in front of a seated NURSE, with my giant belly right in her face.

And she did nothing.

Well, that's not true. She scowled at me for invading her personal space, but HELLO, I'M HUGE. Then she went right back to reading her preferred digital book device.

I mean, REALLY?!

And no, there was no way this lady herself was pregs. She was like mid-to-late-40's old.

Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of other people (DUDES? Hello?!) seated on the train who were certainly capable of offering me their seat, and failed to do so. But I'm used to it from them, that's commonplace everyday lame Chicagoan BS.

But a NURSE?!
(Her nametage had her name with "RN, BSN" underneath it - so don't even think I mis-identified a punk candy striper.)

"Oh, but Christa, maybe she had just gotten off work from an overnight shift." Nope. She was definitely on her way to Rush.

Alright, alright, maybe I'm being a little harsh on the nurse. Maybe she had edema or something...but she was on her way to work where she stands and walks constantly, so she couldn't have been feeling tooooo bad. She is definitely the target of several months of pent-up frustration to this topic.

But, no matter, with that I present you, oblivious-terrible-bedside-mannered-nurse-lameo-on-the-train with THIS well-deserved honor...


And I hope you sat in something gross.

Safe travels in Chicago my fellow pregs,

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