The All-Sacred First Toy...Has Been Chosen

So Tommy and I were on our way to go out to dinner one night in celebration of getting through our first trimester (Ruby Tuesday, I believe) and he decided he wanted to stop in at Toys R Us first to buy the baby its first toy.

Amid declarations of "I refuse to buy my child any toy that won't make it smarter" and "Why didn't they have this when I was a kid?!" we wandered the aisles of Toys R Us and Tomas tried out nearly every single Leapfrog learning system, robot, light-up device and bicycle. After countless gentle reminders that the baby will be a newborn when it makes its first appearance and the age recommendation of 3-5 years won't apply for quite some time, Tommy finally settled on a delightfully cute pair of maracas that count to three, teach colors, play music and talk not only in english - but spanish as well!

Needless to say the trip was a huge success, and the all-sacred first toy has been chosen aaaand purchased. We'll definitely need to get some new batteries for the maracas by the time the baby can play with them, if you guessed that's because Tom plays with them constantly at home - you're right. This child will have no shortage of fun in its life, guaranteed :)

A few pictures of the momentous occasion...



Cute :)

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