We Have a Life Form...

March 4 was the day. It started much like any other, but we had our first doctor's appointment. I was 14 weeks, to the day, but they wouldn't even let me make my appointment until I was 8 weeks and then I had to wait for the first avail...moderately frustrating. But all of that was forgotten when we walked into the exam room...and heard our baby's heartbeat!!

We Officially Have a Life Form!

It may be slightly politically incorrect, but I often refer to BabyParr as my Little Alien Baby, because, let's face it - it's absolutely insane to think there's a baby growing in my belly...INSANE!

The heartbeat was very fast, 163 to be exact, which the Nurse Practitioner said was perfectly normal. She also said it was perfectly normal that I wasn't showing at all yet. Which, at 17 weeks, I'm still not (I want the bump dammit! No one believes I'm prego!) Apparently you're supposed to be able to tell the baby's gender by how fast or slow the fetal heartbeat is, but thus far we have received nothing but conflicting reports as to how the fast/slowness relates to the male/femaleness. We'll take that Old Wives Tale with a grain of salt.

Which does beg the question, are we going to find out what the baby is? As I will reach the 18 week mark in a couple days, by the time we have our next appointment we should have an ultrasound and it just might be possible to see whether there are boy parts or girl parts...

But, alas, Mr. Thomas and I remain at an impasse as we broach this particular topic. He has made the declaration that he does not want to find out, while I, on the other hand, really, really, reallyreallyreally dooo. He wants us to be surprised together, which is incredibly sweet...but I need to prepare! I have compulsions! Dare I say obsessive compulsions as they pertain to details and preparation for life-altering events, that must be accommodated. How am I supposed to know if I'm shopping for sweet sweet baby Air Jordans, or a plethora of over-the-top headbands and hairbows?? (yes, some of the headbands will have feathers)

Buuut, then again, I don't have to find out. We can have a week's worth of gender-specific outfits on hand and fill in the rest as we go along, right? Actually, the stroller I must have is a gender-neutral gray. And as for the crib and nursery furniture I'll go with my long-time fave espresso-colored. We'll be renting, so it's not like I could paint the baby's room, anyway. So really, I could deal with not knowing. Oof. I think I lose the debate. Cause I know Tomasito won't change his mind. But I guess you never know - he could waver during the ultrasound and decide he wants to know!

Or I could just slip the doctor a note saying I'll call him later to find out the gender, and then just keep it a secret...Haha, I know, I didn't believe the part about me keeping a secret either. Oh, babies!

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