The Word Is Out...

Well, the word has officially gotten out (a trend started by my mother who spilled the beans to several people mere hours after finding out herself, in spite of explicit instructions to remain mum...some things never change...but, I digress.) I think Tommy and I have personally told, or attempted to personally tell as many family members and friends as possible...

We're having a baby!

Sooo...I suppose if you're reading this, but did not receive the news personally you have gained a new understanding of our closeness. Joking, of course...and changing the subject now! Because, after all, this is not what you want to read wanna know how ON EARTH this happened, right?! Haha, me and Tom PARENTS? 100% responsible for another life?! How DID</i></b> this happen? Let me try to explain. You see, when a man and a woman really love each other, they...just kidding.

So if you haven't yet realized, the conception of Baby Parr (TinyParr, as my dad calls him/her...or FartParr as Tom has so lovingly branded his in-utero firstborn) was not a planned phenomenon (as few "phenomenon's" are, I suppose). In fact, Baby (Tiny...Fart...insert your own favorite zygote moniker here) might possibly be the worst-timed baby in the history of babies.

Aside: Now, there will come a day when Baby becomes First-Grader and learns how to read, and somehow finds this baby blog on the interwebs that I would have written about him/her 7-8 years ago and reads that last sentence...for that time 7-8 years from now I will clarify myself...Baby Parr is not a Mistake Baby, Baby Parr is a loved, welcome, yet highly unexpected edition to the Parr Family Tree. That being said...

Baby Parr comes about at a time when both of his/her parents are hot on the job hunt, living in my parent's vacant home, and with virtually zero legitimate claim to anything except the clothes on our backs. And the weight bench in the basement, we did buy that ourselves. Wait...actually, we used a gift card for the purchase of the weight bench...does that count? Eh, details. Because you know what? C'est la vie, my friends! Que sera, sera! Carpe Diem! It simply wouldn't be my crazy, chaotic, beautiful life if things like this didn't happen, and bringing a precious little bebe into the world in partnership with my favorite person on this earth is a fabulous thing. In spite of the alleged "obstacles" we have to overcome I want the world to know we are officially excited to be the greatest parents we can be! We're gonna have a mini-me to join in on all of our fantastic adventures - what could be better?!

So you wanna hear about how I told Tommy the good news? Sure you do! But I'm not spilling the beans...some stories need to be ours. I will tell you this, though, he was adorable and is extremely excited to be a daddy :). Whelp, since I'm not exactly sure what the optimum length for a blog entry is (I'm assuming the shortest it can possibly be, while still disseminating as much information as humanly possible is ideal) I'll go ahead and wrap it up.

Tommy and Christa Parr...Parents-To-Be...Woweee-Wow-Wow-Wow.

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  1. well, I left this great comment about how Tommy must be great if he's married to you and how time has flown for me as you've grown up and some more blah blah blah good gooey stuff.....but honestly, I should have just said HOW WONDERFUL FOR YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND!!!!


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