We Are Registered...Done and Done

So we're all registered for Baby Parr, and everyone out there in blogland can visit the registries and buy us stuff. I mean, I'll just put it out there, that's why people register, right? So other people will buy them stuff? Hopefully it goes without saying that any and every gift received will be immensely appreciated, more than you could ever know. Especially being so far away from everyone.

Where are we registered, you ask? Target, and an all-organic online registry called Eden Home. "Organic, eh?" Well, sure. If it were economically feasible we would do the all-organic thing, "go green," if you will, on everything from toys to clothes to diapers to food. But we're realistic and know ourselves too well to believe we would or could keep up with that. But! We feel like we can make a commitment to some organic basics, which is what we registered for on Eden Home. It's actually a very cool site. Sooo much good stuff, not just for babies, but for everyone and everything. Maybe by next time (did I really just say that?) we'll be able to have a green baby. Something to shoot for!

Aside from the organic wildcard the rest of what we registered for is pretty standard. The Target registry covers everything and has a very wide variety of price points. A few of the items are somewhat "wishlist" related (do I need a jogging stroller? No. But I really want one to pick back up with the marathon training that was in the works when we found out about el bebe. So, two strollers :))

I'll tell you what you won't find on the registry, and that's anything involving breast pumping. Who puts that on a registry? Gross. I don't want breast pump refill bags to be a gift option, so no breast pump apparati are present. There also aren't a lot of clothes on there. There are some clothes, for both genders, mostly basics like sleepers, but since we have decided to be delightfully surprised by the girl/boyness of our baby, a few items are pretty much all we're gonna have on hand until the baby is born. Of course there will be "coming home" outfits handy, and plenty of feathery hairbows (there's a lady in Modesto who makes them and sells them on Craigslist - KLONDIKE!) but I wanna pick those out myself, and it'll be easy to save receipts. Except for with hairbow lady products - she probably has a no-return policy. In which case I'll wear them myself if the baby has boy parts.

So feel free to peruse the registries! Email me with questions - christaparr@hotmail.com. I'm not gonna post our address on here in an effort to prevent creeptastic stalker scenarios. You are more than welcome, and invited to send stuff to the baseball field (quite possibly more reliable than sending anything to our house) and here's that address:

Modesto Nuts Professional Baseball Club
ATTN: Christa Parr
601 Neece Drive
Modesto, CA 95351

Thank you, and good night :)

Link to Target Registry:
Tommy and Christa Parr's Baby Registry

Link to Eden Home Registry, search "Christa Parr":
Eden Home Registry, Search for Registry

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