It's Moving Day, It's Moving Day, Hey Baby, Hey

FYI: If you know what TV show that title quote is from it means you're awesome.

Sooo, it's moving day! FINALLY! We have a house! It's a perfect little one-bedroom bungalow, complete with humongous living room picture window, tons of storage for our mounds and mounds of stuff, a fireplace, TWO closets in the bedroom, a nice sized kitchen for Tommy to cook in and a delightful little nook perfect for the baby's room. We're beyond excited to have gotten the place, after finding it while driving randomly in our favorite part of town one Saturday afternoon. By the time Tommy articulated the words "baby get your phone out and call that number," I was already on the phone. It only got better when we walked inside and were ecstatic to find a refrigerator in the kitchen, and a lot more room than you would expect for a one-bedroom (a bit over 900 square feet.) We were like kids in a candy store and had been inside the place for approximately 45 seconds before we had seen every room and declared it the house we wanted to bring Pele Parr home to. Awwww :)

But wait! There's more! The best part about the place is the location. It's in a quaint older neighborhood on a tree-lined street a block away from a beautiful park. And not just any park. The very park where Tommy and I kind of started out as a couple. We met there for picnics over my lunch break while we were "courting" (for that whole entire month we dated before getting engaged, haha.) The "picnic" would consist of McDonald's from time to time, but I loved it anyway :) Besides all the mushy stuff, though, it's also just a sweet, sweet park. There are lots of festivals there every summer and it'll be great for the dogs since we don't have our own yard.

What a relief! Don't tell Tomas I said this, but the miserable search for a place was worth it if this house is what we got out of it. CP, out.

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