An Update On Baby Parr's Parents is Severely Overdue...

So I suppose I should update this a bit and apprise the universe of exactly what Tommy and I are up to these days. Much has changed in the last couple of weeks!

We are officially back in Modesto, CA. I know, I know, we can't believe it either, but it's true! After a short hiatus I'm back with the Modesto Nuts, and actually started back three weeks ago in my old position as Director of Marketing and Public Relations. Tommy arrived in Motown last weekend after staying behind in the ILL state for a couple weeks to cover the final Illinois basketball games and pack all of our stuff in a big truck, and then drive our car out to Cali with the puppies. I flew out three weeks ago and have been staying with friends of ours and searching for a house for us to live in (which has gone somewhat miserably, but that's a whole blog post in and of itself...I'll just say this - who doesn't put a refrigerator</i> in a rental?? California renters, apparently. What a treat.)

SO! With the little addition I'm carrying my job has changed a bit from what it was last year, but it's all been for the better. I've thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks back at work and am excited and relieved to have secured gainful employment once again. Tommy has returned this season as the Nuts PA announcer, with some added production duties.

Opening Night for the team was Thursday and it was faaaantastic! Now we're just getting through the rest of this 4-game home stand before we both have a complete day off on Monday...finally a day to sleep in!! But not to worry, I'm taking care of myself and getting as much sleep as I can, and still managing to eat pretty well, in spite of spending 18 hours a day at a ballpark. So that's the update, more to come, as opportunities to add content to this delightful blog are always more plentiful on the weekends.

If you're ever in the Modesto area, give us a call, we <3 drive-bys. :)

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