Alien Ninja Baby Pele Parr

Baby kicks! We've got some baby kicks! Make that LOTS of baby kicks. I actually felt the first one a few weeks ago, just a couple days before Tom hit the road to head to Modesto from Champaign. Of course he was the first person I told, and of course his immediate response was "Honey, are you sure it wasn't gas?" Seems that's a common confusion, as both of my ma's had the very same initial reaction. It was the real thing people, I promise! Since that first little fluttery movement (I was nearing the end of my 17th week, currently in the middle of my 19th) I've felt el bambino moving and shaking in there every single day. Pretty weird, folks, pretty weird.

But speaking of moving and shaking - this baby is all over the place! He kicks me all the time! Michelle's reaction to this news: "I'm not sure how I would deal with a small person constantly kicking me." Not to worry Mich, I poke him back from time to time :) Never too soon to assert the parental dominance. The movements have been so strong that Tommy has actually felt them too. He's only felt it once, but not for lack of trying! He has successfully branded the child with a new nickname that we BOTH enjoy, however - Pele Parr. Born ready. I have also shifted from referring to bebe as an alien to calling her my little ninja baby. Because without fail, the kid kicks/punches/head butts me every night under cover of darkness when I go to bed.

The Baby Bible says I'm in for an active pregnancy...I hope so.

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