Photo of the Week: A Lesson in Parenting

Have you ever wondered how to get an almost-two-year-old, who hasn’t had his nap, and who HAS been forced to sit in his car seat for 10 hours straight with few breaks and little walking around to NOT flip out on the home stretch of your journey?

I’m a genius.

Because I know the answer.


You’re welcome America.

The look on his face really says it all... "You know how much I hate being in this car seat right now, mom, but you DID just hand me a delicious milkshake, and you're NOT wiping it off my face every two seconds, so I GUESSSSS I'll let this 10-hours-in-the-car thing slide...this time. But I WILL NOT smile for a picture, so you know it's serious."

Whipped Cream Milkshake Hearts and Sprinkles,

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  1. do whatever works!!!! my motto!!!! i love this kid :)


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