Bless My Child and His Aversion to the Gluttony of Christmas

So TJ hates Christmas.
Ok, that’s an overstatement.
Especially considering TJ loves himself some Christmas, but it’s not the presents he loves.
No, no. It’s the tree, and the stockings and the lights and the special movies and the sledding and the hot chocolate that he loves.
But seriously, not so much the presents.
Christmas morning came and I thought T would be ecstatic to open his presents and see all of the new things Santa brought him. Our Christmas day schedule is pretty jam-packed, and our plan was to wake up early, eat a quick breakfast and then go straight to Yaya and Poppy’s house. After that we would return to our house and have Christmas with my parents who were visiting for the holiday. I was nervous that T would see all the presents under the tree at our house as we were leaving, and not want to go to Yaya and Poppy's. So I hatched an ingenious plan to have his shiny new workbench from Santa all put together so he could play with that and hopefully be averted from wanting to open the presents under the tree before it was time.
So on Christmas morning he came into the living room, and to the tree...was his <trumpets sound> new workbench!…and he had no idea what to do with it or why it was there.

Cool hammer, what’s for breakfast?
I think he was actually very confused. We showed him the workbench and all of its little accessories and noise-making capabilities…but, not being one to stray too far from his routine, all TJ really cared about was what was for breakfast, and which show he could watch while he ate it. No mention of presents under the tree. Nothing.
So we went to Yaya and Poppy’s house for family Christmas. A mountain of presents was under the tree, and when we walked in I was thinking – “oh yeah, here we go, TJ is going to love this!”
But, nope. Still didn’t really care about the presents.
He got a Big Wheel, which he sat on for approximately 1.4 seconds, and then got off.

Cool Big Wheel, can I get off now?
 I had to open his last 5 or so presents. He just wasn’t interested.
Then we went back to our house to have Christmas with my parents, and I’m thinking, “ok – now he knows the drill, and he has seen all the presents under the tree at our house, heeeere we go, he’s going to go nuts for his presents this time.”
The kid seriously would not open his presents.
As soon as he opened one thing, he would get very upset when we would take it away so that he could open another. He just wanted to play with the presents he already had.
Eventually we stopped torturing him with gift unwrapping and he went to his room to play. I was certain he had to be playing with some new toy or other, so I snuck to the doorway of his room to snap a picture, to find he was deeply invested in one of the newly acquired gifts most boring things in his room…

Ah, States Puzzle, at last we can be together.
Fast forward to December 30, and all of his presents were finally unwrapped. Yes. Five days after Christmas, with some prodding and reminding from mom and dad, my child was finally forced to open the last of his Christmas presents.
The stuff he received for Christmas hasn’t all been played with yet, but all gifts have all been liberated from their festive Christmas wrappings.
Maybe we’ll just keep some of them in storage and wrap them up again next year. He wouldn’t know.
Or, and I am seriously considering this idea, maybe we will forgo presents for him altogether next year, and for his birthday in August, and instead just say that in lieu of gifts people can make a contribution to his college fund.
At the very least we are having a massive pre-Christmas purge of old toys before we bring home anything new next year. My house is a freaking hoarders dream right now, with all of the stuff sitting around it – and TJ wouldn’t even know if it wasn’t there!
At any rate, bless my little baby boy’s heart for not getting into the gluttonous spirit of Christmas just yet. I’m not counting on that being a permanent thing. He is an American, after all.
Red and Green Tinsely Yuletides,

This is a staged photo taken a week after Christmas for our Thank You postcard. He didn’t even get excited about unwrapping trains on Christmas morning!

“I have no idea what’s going on either, but that’s ok because I’m adorable!”

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