Sh*t My Husband Says :: Diet Coke Breath is the Worst

Tommy's eloquently worded declaration to me yesterday while we were riding in the car…
TP: “Wait a minute…come here…”
<I lean toward him>
“Oh gawd…what did you eat?” <Makes gagging noise and covers face with the neck of his shirt>
Me: “What? Seriously? It cannot be that bad.”
TP: “Oh no, it’s that bad…I have never smelled that smell from you…just straight up halitosis. What happened?”
Me: <Laughing too hard to speak> “I don’t know, I just had a Diet Coke, that’s all it could possibly be.”
TP: “Was it laced with farts, because…wow.”
And there you have it. These kinds of conversations take place quite often, and as such I have decided to document them here for your enjoyment in a series titled “Sh*t My Husband Says”.
I’m gonna go brush my teeth.
Keepin’ It Cavity-Free,

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