Summer is Tom's Favorite Season Because People Wear Sandals, Thus Exposing Their Feet

Thing 1:
The weather is fantastic and the children are enjoying it to the fullest. And so am I. Pasty legs BE GONE!

Thing 2:
My Mother's Day was pretty perfect, thanks for asking. TP picked out and gave me a new pink peplum dress which I have already worn to work (I'll say it - to RAVE reviews). Maybe he should just pick my outfits everyday. On Mother's Day I got to sleep in until <gasp> 8:30, take a long, hot, luxurious shower with the door <gasp> CLOSED, get ready <gasp> nearly uninterrupted, and <gasp> wear make-up on the weekend! A seriously gaspy day! In the afternoon we went to a Rochester Redwings game with the family before heading out to the farm for a rootin tootin hootin hollerin downhome yummy cookout. I told you it was a pretty perfect day.

Thing 3:
Is anyone interested in purchasing a 2-year-old? Because I have one for sale. Turns out 2-year-olds are pretty emotional creatures. I thought that was some sort of old wives tale when I read about it in the parenting for dummies books. Turns out it's real. And it's way harsh. Andandand we already have another progeny waiting in the wings to reach this stage of her life. Wait...what's that I hear? Snipsnip...Snipsnip.

Thing 4:
Tonight was the last episode of The Office. Nine years I have enjoyed that particular television program. Nine years. Nine years ago I was walking the halls of The Swamp, talking to my University of Florida co-workers about recent episodes of The Office. Five years ago I was sitting on the couch with Michelle in the Vero Beach apartment we shared drinking Miller Lite, eating pizza (or pancakes, or microwaved cheese quesadillas) and watching DVDs of The Office over and over and over...and over and over, a practice I continue to this day via the technologically advanced method of Netflix. And this year me and TP watched every episode of this last season - in real time. Can't believe it's over. Truly the end of an era. Jim and Pam forever.

Thing 5:
There are bees and wasps in our house sometimes and I hate it. It better not get worse or I will seriously have this place fumigated. You would think Stockton's breath would act as a built-in fumigation system, but it hasn't. <le sigh>

Thing 6:
I got a smartphone. A Droid, to be exact. As evidenced by my incessant photo posting on the weekends now, and my recent jump onto the Instagram bandwagon. You're welcome, Internet.

Thing 7:
Happy 30th bday to Mich! We're in the same decade again, finally!

Thing 8:
I have paralysis by analysis about working out. I want to work out, but I don't know what to do. I also have the mom-guilt about spending even more time away from the chi'ren / leaving Tommy in solitary kid confinement for even more hours in the day. Should I run? Should I go to the Y? Should I do it in the morning? Before the sun comes up? What if one of the kids wakes up super early and I'm not there? And everyone at a gym is going to know that I have babies and then judge me for not being home with them, right? And what do I even wear? Do people still wear the same thing to work out now that they did 3 years ago - the last time I was in a communal workout situation? Should I Cross-fit? What if I get man-body? What about swimming? But then I would have to shower more often, and it's already hard enough fitting that into my daily routine. How about riding bikes? But we don't have bikes! This is serious stuff, people - mostly because I sound like a neurotic moron!

And I think that's all the things right now. Carry on, friends.


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